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Beachfest with Luis Palau
Letter from the Editor
Brian Faso

On Saturday, March 23rd, the beach was filled with people from all over the world. Some were college students escaping the pressures of midterm exams, while others were vacationers escaping the cold weather of the North. Most of the beach goers this day, including my wife and I, were there for sunshine in our lives. But this sunshine was to be provided not by the sun, but by the SON. Light provided from a message delivered by professionals from all walks of life, preaching of Jesus Christ and His ultimate sacrifice for our sins.

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On March 22nd and 23rd hundreds of thousands of people flocked to Ft Lauderdale Beach to hear great music good news presented at Beachfest. The great music was from top recording artist from around the world while the good news was from Luis Palau. The great music and good news was of hope, love and salvation. The hope, love and salvation brought to us from our Savior, Jesus Christ. Beachfest also brought world class skaters, foods from around the world and the Veggie Tales for the children, all with the same good news of Jesus Christ for kids and adults of all ages.

The weekend was filled with action and excitement. World- class skaters and BMX bikers performed for hundreds of fans on a state of the art skate/bike park. The Veggie Tales performed all weekend for children of all ages, putting smiles on faces and hope in eyes. The Miami Dolphins set up a NFL Experience for athletes and football fans to test their skills and meet their favorite players. Mary Mary, Jump 5, Third Day, Toby Mac, Jaci Velasquez and other famous recording artists performed for over 200,000 people who danced the day and night away on the beach. All of the featured performers followed up with their personal testimony of how Jesus Christ is the Savior in their lives. They praised Him and gave Him the glory for all of their talents and accomplishments in life. Telling the fans of the importance of inviting Jesus into their hearts.

At a break in the action, Luis Palau presented a message to all 200,000 men, women and children of Jesus Christ and His love for all. The message reminded all of us that we are all sinners, but we are all sons and daughters of Christ, and because of that, we can be saved. Luis Palau then offered an opportunity for all to invite Jesus into their hearts and to be Lord of their lives. Over 4,500 people responded to the offering and gave their lives, problems and convictions to Christ. All those who gave their sins and problems to the Lord did so knowing that there is nothing that He can't handle.

The message of Jesus Christ's mercy and love filled the Ft. Lauderdale beach for two days. In the midst of a Ft. Lauderdale spring break, where usually alcohol and immorality fill the air, love and hope filled the hearts of all. A community effort helped transform the lives of thousand from around the country. All Christian denominations came together in an effort to inform the Ft. Lauderdale community, and those visiting, of the good news of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

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