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Living a Healthy Lifestyle
Letter from the Editor
Brian Faso

living a healthy lifestyle, healthy lifestyle, diet, nutritionists, pounds, weight, execise, physical health, proper nutrition, more energy" Every diet works: the one that will work for you is the one you stick with!"

Turn on your television or open a magazine and you will see the obvious fixation our country has for personal health. Every T.V. program and every magazine cover will raid our minds with what we are supposed to look like, and we foolishly listen! This could explain why nutritionists are making millions of dollars every year inventing new diets that are guaranteed to knock pounds off your weight. These diets do work, but which diet is the best for you? The diet that is best for you is one you will stick with. The diets all basically say the same thing: Balance! Balance between diet, exercise and physical health.

As you begin your diet, the first thing you need to evaluate is NOT your weight. You need to ask yourself, why are you dieting? If you are dieting to be accepted by others, than you are not losing weight for you. If you are not dieting for you, it will not work. Proper nutrition and diet are excellent for more energy and good health, but they are not the answer for emotional stability. Be sure that what you are doing is for you and your own self-improvement. A great diet first starts with the correct frame of mind.

Every mental thought is followed by a physical response. It is not a coincidence that when you mentally see yourself taking a large bite into a fresh, juicy sliced lemon that our mouth begins to water, just as yours is as you read this. It is because our psychology can dictate our physiology. Your body will tend to react to your most dominant thought. Be sure that when you diet that you are not constantly thinking about food. This is why starvation diets do not work. When you deprive yourself of food, your mind will shift its focus to food. At this point your body will desire food more zestfully than before. Your body will follow your most dominant thought.

good health, self-improvement, best diets, dietition, calories, proper nutrition,  improve your healthThe best diets are the ones that do not deprive you of food. A wise dietitian once said, " Eat breakfast like a king, eat lunch like a prince and eat dinner like a pauper." With this type of diet you will be getting you proper foods so your mind will not be focused on food all day. You started the day with a nice full meal, and you will be feeding your body smaller meals as the day goes on. When you eat a large meal, early in the morning, you satisfy your nutritional needs and you will have all day to burn off the empty calories. Never eat a large meal before bed, when you are about to lie down for the next 8 hours and not burn anything. You will also find that you will be better rested in the morning when your body does not have to digest all night long. Save your energy for your busy day.

We all know that eating the right foods at the right times is only half the battle. Proper nutrition must be combined with proper exercise. The fact that you are on this site and reading this article leads me to believe that I telling you something that you already know. It is important that you are exercising at least 15 minutes a day very day. This does not include dancing around issues, jumping to conclusions, running down friends, sidestepping responsibility, dogging issues, passing the buck or pushing your luck! This may be the only exercise upper management at you place of employment gets! Just kidding! But also remember, exercising everyday does not mean that you have to spend hours at the gym and be consumed by exercise, remember that
balance is the key. Overdoing it and making exercise an obsession can be just as bad.

Now is the time to get up off the couch and improve your health, for you! Evaluate your eating habits and make the proper adjustments turning your meals into sessions to receive proper nutrients. After your adjust your eating habits add some exercise to your daily schedule. Just remember that balance is the key. Too much of anything can be harmful. Focus on you for you, and you will see positive changes in you waistline and in you life.

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