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New Years Resolution
Letter from the Editor
Brian Faso

New years resolutions, calendar, read the bible, health, workouts, new years, resolutions, improvement, change, changes, new year, calendar, January, focus on family, save moneyThe only thing constant in life is change, unless youre at the vending machine. The calendar is at the end of January; do you know where your New Years resolutions are? Every year millions if Americans dedicate the start of the year to changing their lives and the lives of those around them. They believe they can change their lives with the calendar. They feel they will enrich their way of life with additions and deletions throughout their daily routine. The unfortunate truth is that the changes made on January 1st are generally absent within thirty days. What is the deal with change? Why is it so difficult, even when we know it is good for us?

It was December 31st; my wife and I were in the car on the way to Key West. We placed our New Years resolutions on paper and were ready to start the year off right. We vowed to increase our focus on family, save money, get more involved with the community, read the Bible every day and increase our health with more efficient workouts. As we looked at the list we saw it was very similar to last years, and the list from the year before! I have a feeling you know what I am talking about.

Change can only take place when you truly make the decision to change. The change often will not work until you are willing to make the change deep inside, not just on the surface. Just because it is the New Year, it does not mean that your efforts to change are going to be successful. You must have the will and the want inside you to commit to the change.

I seldom understand why people are so surprised and often disappointed when things change or they are required to change. You may have heard people say years ago, Ill never use those computers! Where are those people now? Those individuals must realize that successful people are changing people. I would be disappointed if someone promised me that five years from now I will be the exact same person, with the exact same job and the exact same bank account. Change is good, and change is easier when we internally realize this.

My wife and I approached our changes with four concepts in mind. One; change only happens when you decide to change, not when the calendar changes. Two; understand that the change process will not be perfect, but be willing to make the sacrifices you may have to make. Three, start moving now! Just get moving, no matter what you do. Even if the move is tiny or seems insignificant. An object in motion stays in motion. Four, keep your eye on the prize. See the results of the change even before you start. Keep your focus on those results every step of the way. Focussing on your dreams of improvement will prevent you from focussing on excuses.

The four points mentioned above are meant to sound simple. They will turn your New Years resolutions into real plans for improvement. The concepts have worked for us and they will work for you. Remember that there are only two types of people, those who are changing and those who are resisting change. Making voluntary changes now will prevent you from being forced to make mandatory changes later. Find that resolution list that is only a month old and decide to change your life for the better!

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